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“You need to free up space on the startup disk” Error Message – How to Fix (Don’t Turn Off Your Computer!)

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OK – another viewer e-mail. In this example, a young lady told me that she’s getting this error message. It will pop up at her and will display “You need to free up space on the startup disk.” She’s deleted some files, but she still gets the error message. So what gives?

If you’ve gotten this message before, the first thing you’ve got to keep in mind is *Don’t Reboot*. If your machine is too full, it may not work after rebooting, and you’ll have to take your macbook or imac to a technician or Apple Support.

Here’s what you should do to fix the ‘free up space’ issue:

Instead, when you get lots of rainbow beach balls and error messages like this, you need to locate the BIG files, such as movies, photo folders, mp3s, etc. and move them to an external storage drive (or delete them.)

I also recommend you make sure your recycle bin has been emptied, and that you’ve deleted any video or mp3 duplicates.

If you have already reboot and you can’t access your computer, then you’re going to need to access your boot drive from either OS X booted from a different drive, or via a separate Mac with Firewire Target Disk mode.

For most people, this basically translates to – take it to the store, which we’d like to avoid, if possible.

So – if you’ve got the message telling you that you need to free up space, then move or delete the big files, run a double file checker, empty your recycle bin, and THEN reboot your system.

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