Product Rundown:

  • Designed for OS X
  • Easily finds duplicates using any criteria
  • Strategy Wizard makes common tasks faster
  • Integrated Security System lets restore recently trashed duplicates
  • Full-size previews of the most common file-types
  • Compatible with iTunes, iPhoto, Aperture, Mail, and more.
  • Fully customizable workspace
  • Clear, easy, and intuitive
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Product Description:

Tidy Up! by Hyperbolic Software is able to find duplicate files and packages. You can find the offending duplicate mp3s, files, photos, mail, etc. by application, content, type, creator, extension, date modified, date created, name, label, visibility, tag, duration, bit rate, and more, making it simple and fast to remove duplicates on your Mac.

Tidy Up can search your startup drive and any external drives or removable media mounted on your Mac.

A great feature is that this software makes back-up a flash as well, and includes a list of common tasks, so that any user from novice to expert can perform common back-up tasks quickly and intuitively. You will also have the ability to preview all files before they are backed up or deleted. The entire process is straight-forward.

The only downside is sometimes if your computer is loaded with files then the results page can be sluggish. I find that to work around this issue, I have searches that are slightly more specific to yield smaller results pages.

I recommend you give Tidy Up a shot. I’ve been using it for the past year, and I’ve recommended it to my friends.

My Rating (5/5):

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