Product Rundown:

  • Designed for OS X Lion, 10.3.9 or later
  • Finds duplicates, unused files, and more
  • Speeds up the entire Mac system, including the Boot volume
  • Preview each file before deleting or backing up
  • Scheduler allows you to clean up regularly, without worry
  • Compatible with iTunes, iPhoto, Aperture, Mail, and more.
  • Works on secondary volumes, removable disks, etc.
  • Many powerful features, easy to use
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Product Description:

SpeedUp Mac by Avanquest is a relatively new entrant into Mac Utilities, but after careful review, this product gets my recommendation. You can find double mp3s, files, photos, mail, and much more. What this software offers that others do not is general speed up functionality to make your mac boot faster, and to get rid of unused files that you don’t need or use.

1-click saved over 400 MB, and was easy to do.

The layout of this product resembles iTunes, and the usability of this mac speed up software is very quick to understand. This speedup mac app also is programmed out-the-box to look for cache, language, and system files that are wasting space and making your mac slower.You will also have the ability to preview all files before they are backed up or deleted. The entire process is very easy to follow.

The only downside is sometimes I want to get very detailed in the type of files I want to locate. This software is best for people who like the quick and easy solution. I, being nerdy, like to get my hands a little dirtier to locate very specific items. I find that to work around this issue, I use Tidy Up by Hyperbolic.

I recommend you give SpeedUp Mac a try. I’ve been using it for the 2 months, and I’ve recommended it as a one-fits-all speed up software answer.


My Rating (4.5/5):

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