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Tidy Up by Hyperbolic Software has released what I consider to be the easiest-to-use and most intuitive duplicate file removal software currently available, exclusively for Mac users.

The difference between Tidy Up and other methods is that the entire process is easy, fast, and secure.
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Speed Up Mac OS X By Cleaning Your System

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Over time, your Mac can start to run slow due to a build up of unnecessary or duplicate files which are created or left behind when you use your computer regularly. It can become frustrating when your Mac computer is not operating to the best of it’s ability. The good news is that there are a number of ways to speed up Mac operating systems.

The first step if you are hoping to speed up Mac OS X is to clear out the cache. The majority of Mac users use browsers such as Firefox or Safari to browse the internet. These both have the capacity to store a large amount of internet history and temporary files in the cache. However, as this list of visited sites grows with daily internet use, the performance begins to be affected and things will start running much slower. This in turn can cause Mac OS X to become sluggish as it gets clogged with these unnecessary files. That is why with most errors and performance issues, the first piece of advice is to clean out your cache.

However, this is not always enough to speed up Mac computers that are not performing well. There are other issues which can have a negative impact on your Mac’s speed and performance including duplicate files. Duplicate files take up unnecessary space on your system and over time they can really clog up the operating system. However, by downloading a suite of utility programs which will clean and optimize your operating system you will be able to return your Mac to its optimum level of performance and help to speed up Mac OS X. It is possible to download several free utilities to perform the necessary tasks, however, it can be more convenient and cost effective to find a software package such as MacKeeper from Zeobit or TidyUp! from Hyperbolic which can take care of a number of issues including duplicate files, junk files removal, application updates and even data encryption on files containing sensitive information.

Download Tidy Up For Mac (Free Trial)

Download MacKeeper For Mac (Free Trial)


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