Product Rundown:

  • Designed for OS X & Windows
  • My #1 Pick to clean up my music library
  • Easily remove duplicate mp3s in iTunes
  • Fix missing album artwork, artist, and track tags
  • Corrects misspellings or incorrect track listings
  • Clear, easy, and intuitive
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Product Description:

Rinse Music (Formerly TidySongs), by Cloudbrain software, is unique in that it is specifically designed to clean up your music library. There are other programs that do similar work, such as Tune Up, but I found Rinse Music to be the easiest to use and the fastest. Not only that, but there is plenty of product support, including instructional videos.

When I first wrote this Rinse My Music review , I was most impressed with the way the software could compare artist names and track listings to a database to fix any misspellings or incorrect tags. It also gives a percentage rating next to it’s corrections, so that you, the user, can decide to keep the suggested correction, or save your own.

Rinse Music (formerly TidySongs) fixes your album artwork and your track listings, and provides a % of predicted accuracy.

Another great feature is how quickly the program replaces missing cover art with beautiful, colorful art, the way your music library is supposed to look. This review is different from my Tidy Up review, because this software is specifically for fixing your music library in iTunes. Apparently this software can also work with other music players, but its clear that if you want to delete duplicate mp3s and fix your album art in iTunes, this is the program you want to be using.

The only complaint I can think of when it comes to this software is that they could have added a few more unique features, such as smart playlists, or concert notification. I have seen other software offer these features, but in the end, Rinse Music is my top choice due to how easy it is to use, and how easy it is on the eyes.

I recommend you give Rinse Music a shot. I’ve been using it for over 6 months, and I recommend it to my friends.

My Rating (5/5):

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