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Macbook Web Browsing is Too Slow! How to Fix Safari running slowly.

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Have you been using Safari on your Macbook and it’s crashing, freezing, and stalling? Sometimes you can wait up to 20 seconds for a page to load that used to boot up in a flash.

What gives? Why is Safari suddenly performing like a browser from the distant past?

Recently I received a mail and it was from a viewer with 2 gigs of RAM on a 1st Generation Macbook. Pages were taking 20 seconds to load. Something was not right.

I suggested a few steps. First, he should make sure that he has ample space available in his hard drive. Empty his trash, move any huge video, audio, photo files, run a duplicate file locator, and finally, empty the browser cache, clear your history and cookies, and delete the ‘icons’ folder from / libary / Safari.


What I suggested to fix a slow Safari problem:


In this case, he had ample space, so it wasn’t a file bloat that was causing the slowdown. Could is be a malware or botnet that was causing the issue? We placed 2 new DNS values in his System Prefs>Networking>Airport>TCP/IP>DNS section.

They worked like a charm. Websites that took 20-30 seconds to load now loaded much faster.

Author’s note: Changing DNS may affect sites like Netflix, and iTunes, which need the default DNS to run properly.

Hope this helps a few of you out there with a slow safari issue!

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