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Macbook Pro Suddenly Slow and Free Space Available Keeps Changing! How to Fix It.

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I recently received an e-mail where a user of this site was noticing something strange… his Macbook Pro was running VERY slowly, and without any particular reason. It had been running fine the week before, he had not downloaded any new software, or anything like that. So what was the problem?

He checked his hard drive space. His Macbook shipped with 120 gigabites of space. He had 10 free gigs left. (Also worth mentioning that he had 2gb of RAM in his Macbook Pro.)

So… he opened his Finder window to see that his free space was dropping down by 500 mb at a time. Up and down, all the way down to 6 free gigs.

What was going on? Was his Macbook Pro possessed by demons?

He quickly deleted a bunch of files and programs he no longer needed, ran antivirus software, ran Mac Disk Utility, but he didn’t fix the issue.

Here’s how I fixed the Macbook Pro Available Space Problem:

First off – the reason his space was fluctuating was because of the system cache. For example, if he was using a photo editing program or video editor, or was viewing websites with large files to load, then it would affect his cache. As a result, these programs would use the space in his hard drive, and it would appear like he had lost gigs of available space.

The reason his Macbook Pro has become so slow was because he had only 10 gigs free out of 120 gigs. That’s a drastic drop, that’s less than 10% of the original amount. When there is less and less space available, it becomes harder for the computer to find a nice, roomy place to find the space it needs to run fast. So I suggested he clean out at least 8 gigs of space. If he had a load of MP3s or Videos, back them up. Find duplicates, and see what kind of clean up that can achieve.

Also – he hadn’t emptied his trash in weeks.

This instantly saved him 500 mbs!!

It’s a good idea to keep tabs on your system. If it starts acting strange, it means something is wrong, and so now you know that you need to keep a fair amount of available space if you want your Macbook to keep running fast.

Do you have a problem with your Macbook?

E-Mail me your issues: ( steve (at) duplicatefilesoftware.com ), and I’ll sort them out for you!

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