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Macbook Constantly Freezing. Should I Upgrade RAM?

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OK. Here’s another viewer e-mail. In this particular e-mail a young man told me he’s seeing the ‘spinning beach ball’ at random times while using his Macbook, sometimes when he’s not even running any programs. He has plenty of room in his hard drive (over 100 gigabytes free) and he has no old software or overheating.

The model of his Macbook is from 2009, he’s running OS X 10.6.8, he’s got a 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, and he has 2 GB of memory.

So why is the computer running so poorly and freezing up? He’s tired of having to turn off the computer by holding down the power button, in fear that he might be eventually damaging his hardware.

What I recommended to fix the freezing macbook:

The first thing I recommended was that although it’s may not be a RAM issue, it wouldn’t hurt to upgrade. It’s not overly expensive, and often times 4 gb instead of 2 gb can make quite a difference. If this didn’t achieve the difference he’s looking for, then he should consider getting his hard drive looked at by a professional.

If he had less space available, I’d say he needs to tidy up his system, remove double files, and run disk utilities. But since he has over 100 gb free, the duplicate file problem is unlikely.

What ended up happening with this reader was that the RAM upgrade didn’t solve his problem. His computer was still freezing. When he e-mailed me back, it became clear that this was not a RAM issue, but instead a Hard Drive issue. He mailed it into Apple, spent about $150, and had the issue fixed. His macbook now runs faster than ever, thanks to the working hard drive and the 4 gb of RAM.

If your Macbook is freezing and you have lots of space available, then the problem is usually a hardware one. Either your RAM or your Hard Drive. Since upgrading RAM is far cheaper than upgrading your HDD, I recommend trying to upgrade the RAM first. Even if it’s not a RAM issue, your computer will be even faster after fixing the HDD.

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