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Mac Overheating: 5 Ways to Avoid Crashing

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One of the unfortunate characteristics of Macs is that they can be prone to overheating. Overheating leads to your Mac crashing and can cause a lot of headaches. There are several reasons why Macs overheat, and fortunately there are also several ways to combat it as well:

  1. Keep your Mac in a cool spot – If you are just cruising the internet or messing around, don’t worry too much about this, but if you’re working and have several tasks going at the same time you should take it into account. This doesn’t mean you should have your air conditioning vents blasting directly on your Mac but you definitely don’t want the heater blowing hot air on it either.
  2. Locate where are the heat outlets are on your Mac laptop and avoid covering them – Much of the hot air from inside the computer gets blown out through the gap between the screen hinge and the body of the laptop. If this vent is covered then your Mac is sure to overheat and crash, so make sure that part of your laptop has plenty of room to breathe.
  3. Try to avoid flash content – Most videos, online games, and applications are built on a flash platform. Unfortunately flash content will dramatically raise the temperature of your laptop which forces the fans to crank which drains a lot of battery (it’s a vicious cycle).
  4. Avoid direct sunlight – It may seem silly, or obvious, but simply keeping your Mac out of direct sunlight can save a lot of hassle.
  5. Clean out your hard drive – As you accumulate files over time and your hard drive fills up your hard drive has to work harder. Cleaning out your hard drive limits the number of active processes and prevents your computer from working too hard, which in turn prevents your computer from overheating. Try downloading Tidy Up! to clean out and organize your hard drive. It’s easy to download and will free up space on your hard drive.

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