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Tidy Up by Hyperbolic Software has released what I consider to be the easiest-to-use and most intuitive duplicate file removal software currently available, exclusively for Mac users.

The difference between Tidy Up and other methods is that the entire process is easy, fast, and secure.
Take a look to see what I mean…

Mac Antivirus Software Review

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Although Mac OS X is far less susceptible to viruses and other security threats than a Windows PC, viruses are still a cause for concern. As macs become more popular, the need for mac antivirus software will rise as well. Viruses are constantly evolving and no computer system can claim to be entirely immune to them. MacKeeper features a powerful antivirus utility which offers dual protection for your system against not only known Mac OS threats, but also Windows threats which can also be a risk for Mac users.

It is surprisingly easy to put your computer system at risk from viruses. The more you use your Mac the greater your exposure to online threats. Everyday tasks such as online banking, shopping online, visiting social networking sites and sending or receiving email can put your Mac at risk from malicious attacks. This makes the need for a good antivirus utility a huge priority. This is why I have made it an issue to conduct a Mac Antivirus Software review, and I have come across one program in particular that’s a keeper.

MacKeeper Antivirus, once installed, will launch and begin to secure all of your online activities. Threats will automatically be detected and permanently removed to ensure maximum levels of security for your Mac. As new virus threats are discovered regular security updates released by ZeoBIT Antivirus Lab are automatically downloaded so that you have the peace of mind which comes with knowing that your antivirus protection is as up to date as possible. The dual protection feature of MacKeeper Antivirus means that you have a level of protection against online threats which is not offered by any other Mac antivirus package currently on the market.

Not only does MacKeeper offer an unrivaled level of antivirus protection for your Mac computer system, but for the price you might expect to pay for a standalone antivirus feature, you will actually be getting access to over 16 utilities to improve security and performance and to allow you to clean up your Mac by eliminating duplicate files, unused applications and binaries, junk files and other data which is taking up unnecessary space on your hard disk. MacKeeper even offers a fully functional free trial version for 15 days (click here for download page).

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