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How To Remove Files On Mac Computers Permanently

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Many mac users are unaware that deleting the files does not totally remove them permanently. Neither does hard drive formatting. If you are seriously considering selling or otherwise passing on your Mac then you must learn how to remove files on Mac computers. The Mac OS X operating system uses a special file system to store files on the hard drive. Each file has it’s own unique entry in the filing system. This individual entry is referenced by the operating system whenever they are accessed. When you delete a file, this reference is deleted, however, that only means it cannot be accessed by the operating system. It can still be recovered by data recovery software. Formatting the hard drive has the same issues.

This leaves us with the problem of how to remove files on Mac computers. If you are passing you Mac on either as a gift or by selling it you will definitely want to make sure that all of your personal files from the hard drive to avoid any unscrupulous person from recovering them and accessing them. Some of the situations where it is highly advisable to wipe your files using a File eraser program are:

  • When you want to sell your Mac computer
  • If you are donating your Mac computer to a charity.
  • Recycling or disposing of your Mac hard drives.
  • When reconstructing or merging your business.

Using a file eraser program which pretty much solves the problem of how to remove files on Mac computers. Free trial versions of suitable programs are available, although they may have some of the features disabled until purchase. A file eraser will wipe out internet browsing data, individual files and folders, access logs, and much more. It will even clean the unused disk space for increased efficiency. This will remove all of your personal files leaving you with the peace of mind that it is now safe to pass on your Mac computer to a new owner.

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