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Fixing Macbook Slow Startup

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While Mac computers are considered to be very reliable, all machines encounter issues from time to time. One of the most common problems Macbook users come across is a slow startup process. This can be caused by a number of things including limited hard disk space, a poor power supply or a corruption somewhere in the operating system. Before you spend money taking your Macbook to an expensive technician there are a number of things you can try yourself to fix slow startup in your Macbook.

In order to start up, your Macbook needs to run through a fairly large amount of code. Over time, the operating system can become clogged with junk files which will have the effect of generally slowing down your Macbook’s overall performance including the start up process. Performing regular cleaning scans to remove these junk files can provide a significant increase in start up speeds. There are various utilities available which can help with this.

Another common reason for a slow start up can be the amount of apps which launch on starting up your Macbook. Many Mac users are not even aware of which apps open automatically every time they turn on their Macbook. The more apps which are set to launch on start up, the longer the process will take. You can check which apps are set as start up apps by visiting ‘Login Items’ in the system preferences area of the Apple menu.

The MacKeeper program from ZeoBIT actually contains utilities which can take care of both cleaning your Mac and managing your start up apps as well as tools to help with many other tasks such as data control, antivirus protection, data recovery and creating backups.

A 15 day trial of MacKeeper, in which all tools are functional, is available to download.


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