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Tidy Up by Hyperbolic Software has released what I consider to be the easiest-to-use and most intuitive duplicate file removal software currently available, exclusively for Mac users.

The difference between Tidy Up and other methods is that the entire process is easy, fast, and secure.
Take a look to see what I mean…

Finding Duplicates in OSX

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A lot of Mac OSX owners will at some point notice that their computers processing ability will have slowed down from the speed that it managed when it was brand new. The main reason for this drop in performance will be duplicate files, these can make your computer run slow by using up valuable hard disk space.

You could of course look for these duplicate files manually by looking at every file on your computer, locating the copies and deleting them. This of course will be time consuming and tedious, as well as proving dangerous to your computer if you were to delete the wrong file in error, also you may accidentally remove all the copies of a specific file.

The bigger the duplicate file the worse the problem will be and the main files that will take up a lot of room on your computers hard drive will be files such as, iTunes music and video files, photographs and software files.

So the easiest and simplest way to be finding duplicates in OSX would be to use a duplicate file removal program such as Tidy Up. This program will locate all the duplicate files and separate them before deletion from your computer. Tidy Up comes with 90 preset searches available or if you prefer you can customize the search settings to suit your needs.

Tidy Up has a number of nifty features including the ability to give the user a preview of the duplicate files so that the correct one can be deleted. So if you own a slow running Apple Mac using Tidy Up will help get it running back to normal.

Download Tidy Up For Mac (Free Trial)

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