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How a Duplicate Image Finder Eliminates Duplicate Images

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Whether you are an amateur photographer with hundreds of snapshots from your latest vacation, a professional photographer with an extensive portfolio, or your website has flooded your hard drive with photos, duplicate images can be a nuisance to your computer and those who are being forced to watch your redundant slideshow.

Eliminating duplicate images manually can be a tedious and time consuming process. Sifting through all your different folders and trying to decide which photo is the best quality is no way to spend one’s free time. If this is something you would like to avoid, downloading a duplicate image finder might be the best solution for you. A duplicate image finder can save you time, effort and identify duplicate images in a fast and efficient way and it only takes a couple clicks of a mouse. Here’s how a duplicate image finder works:

  • Locates all similar and duplicate images using visual compare technology that analyses image content
  • Searches for duplicate images of specific user sample images using visual compare
  • Finds images that have been rotated, resized and flipped
  • Locates similar images of all different formats including RAW, JPEG, J2K,BMP, GIF,PNG, TIFF,TGA
  • Searches for similar images based on the user settings on how similar images must be in order for them to be declared duplicates
  • Can automatically delete smaller resolution duplicates, smaller file size duplicates and old files you know you will no longer need

Using a duplicate image finder is sure to save you time and effort. A duplicate image finder will also help improve the performance of your computer by freeing up space on your hard drive and allowing you to download your next set of images without having to worry about hard drive space.

For Mac users I recommend the free download of Tidy Up because of versatility and it has all the basic features and then some.

If you are a PC user try PC Health Advisor, its image retrieval is fast and efficient.

Download Tidy Up For Mac (Free Trial)

Download PC Health Advisor for PC (Free Trial)


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