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Duplicate File Finder Tools Vs Manual Duplicate File Search

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When you know that there are duplicate files clogging up your computer and having a negative impact on the performance levels of your entire system you will have to start considering how to go about finding and removing those duplicate files. You could go ahead and do a manual duplicate file search and remove the files one by one, or you could opt for a duplicate file finder tool which will take care of the files automatically. But which is the right option? At the end of the day the right option is whichever one is the best for your own individual needs. However, some things to consider are the time, the effort, the cost and the difficulty level of performing your duplicate file search and removal.

If you choose to do a manual duplicate file search then you have to be prepared for it to take a very long time and for it to be very tedious. You will need to look at each file type individually. You would search for all of that file type on your computer and then sort them alphabetically. Once this is done you would work through the list looking for duplicate names and checking to see if they are the same file. Once you have confirmed that the file is a duplicate you can go on and remove it. As you can no doubt imagine, this is a very tedious and time consuming process. You then have the additional factor that duplicate files may occasionally have a different name so you will miss some using this method.

However, if you go ahead and use a software package to perform your duplicate file search you will get through the process very quickly. Good duplicate file finders will also search and compare by various different criteria to provide much more accurate matches. The software will also back up files before deletion so that you have the option of restoring them in case of emergency. Overall using a duplicate file finder is much easier, much safer and generally more convenient. Most of the time using software such as Easy Duplicate Finder to perform a duplicate file search

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