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Fix “Underlying Task Reported Failure” Error Message on Mac

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Mac users may have seen a message such as “low disk space” or “hard drive full” errors when using their macbooks or towers. The reason is that once your hard disk space gets lower, the error messages become more frequent. As a result, your computer will perform much more slowly, programs will take a long time to start up, and running more than one program at once may make your Mac unstable.
Mac OSX comes packed with a Disk Utility application which can help a user remove temporary or unecessary files.

The problem is that this application is commonly not enough to get the problem fixed. You may still encounter the same error messages even after running the disk utility tool.
You may get the error message “The underlying task reported failure on exit” which means that the utility could not fix the issue, and that your hard drive is in critical condition, needing to be cleaned up as soon as possible.
Before you throw your laptop out the window or buy a new one, realize that this issue is happening most likely because your hard drive is full or corrupted, or you may have a virus on your system, which unfortunately is becoming more common on mac computers as of late.
There is a solution, however, and it’s one program in particular that I suggest users take a look at.

You can fix the ‘underlying task reported failure error’ with a duplicate file finder for mac. This application will let you delete all duplicate photos, videos, temporary files, system files, documents, songs, emails, font files, and more, and as a result, you won’t encounter the critical error messages any longer. It’s simple, and I recommend you take a look to fix the problem.

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