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Why is my MacBook running slow?

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Your MacBook is running slow? This is a common issue once a computer has been used for more than a few months, and after enough programs have been installed. One quick fix is to upgrade your Apple computer’s RAM. Most models come with 512 mb of RAM, when you can upgrade all the way up to 2 GB. However, if you can’t afford the prices that Apple charges to upgrade (and they can be quite expensive) then consider some alternatives to speed up your mac.

The first common-sense solution is to close your open applications. I find that a lot of Apple computer users like to leave multiple applications open, including iTunes, your internet browser, your e-mail reader, your photo viewer, and many more programs. This can easily cause the slowdown you are experiencing. If you’re not using iTunes, shut it off, as it burns a lot of system resources while it’s open.

You should also restart your computer from time to time. It’s easy to just shut the lid of your laptop when you’re finished with it, but this means it has to load up your programs and preferences from memory each time you boot up. This can cause additional slowdown.

Keep your Macbook cool. A laptop that is overheated will perform in a strange manner, and will not run as fast as it should. This can happen if you are always using your laptop on the bed, or somewhere where the fans are not able to blow out air. The best place to use your laptop is on a flat surface, like a table.

Turn off unused applications. Some programs automatically run, whether or not you’re using them. You can adjust these settings in your System Preferences set-up. For example, if you don’t need bluetooth capabilities or speech recognition, then turn these features off.

Disable Widgets. If you’re not using them, don’t boot them up. They use system resources.

And predictably, remove duplicate files. Duplicate mp3s, photos, and program files will bloat your system quicker than any other offender. If you have moved from another laptop, or if you think you might have duplicates, you should run a program to get rid of duplicates.

Hope this helps!