Quickly & Easily Speed Up Your Mac!

Tidy Up by Hyperbolic Software has released what I consider to be the easiest-to-use and most intuitive duplicate file removal software currently available, exclusively for Mac users.

The difference between Tidy Up and other methods is that the entire process is easy, fast, and secure.
Take a look to see what I mean…

Duplicate File Finder Mac

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I use a Macbook Air. It’s way too common for me to be typing and things just lagging. Lagging too long and then all I’ve got is a spinning rainbow beach ball to stare at, while I start texting my techie friends for some help. This is extremely annoying when you consider that you’ve spent usually more than $1,000 on a machine that is supposed to be FAST for a long time.

If you were to go through your laptop and delete items one by one, it would take you days. Software was created to make this whole ordeal go by much faster. So instead of wasting your time, it’s better to find everything with a couple of clicks.

I’ve used five different software packages. Some free, some paid. The free stuff I can’t recommend because it was slower, not as many features, and zero customer support. Out of the paid options, I tried 3, and the only one that was fast, with zero bloat, was the software that I’m recommending. Can search through the entire hard drive or specific folders

Here are some features:

  • Can find files by name, content, size, and more
  • Can search based on date created and modified, empty folders, label visibility, files, and contents
  • Can find duplicates from iPhoto, iTunes, mail, aperture, and more
  • Can save search results for later review
  • Very user friendly and easy to use
  • Works with Mac OS X 10.3.9 Panther, Tiger 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 Leopard, and Snow Leopard
  • Can work not only locally but on networks also.