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8 Ways to Speed up Mac OS X

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If you have had your Mac for any length of time the chances are that it is probably not running as well as it should, or as well as you want it to. There are several ways to speed up Mac OS X

  1. Restart your Mac – Most people can go weeks without shutting down their computer and a simple restart or shutting down your Mac when you go to bed can solve a lot of issues.
  2. Close some applications – The same way many people don’t shut down their computers, many of us also run several applications simultaneously. If you can, only run the applications you are currently using.
  3. Clean out Startup Items – Many applications automatically set themselves up as a start up item and open every time you restart or login.
  4. Turn off Universal Access, Bluetooth, Speech Recognition, and Internet Sharing if you don’t use them – While these are valuable feature for those who use them, they take up valuable processor and RAM resources.
  5. Clean Out ‘Other’ System Preferences – Chances are you probably have a Preference Pane that you don’t use, so it could be advantageous to disable it.
  6. Cool off- MacBooks are notorious for running extremely hot and every Mac runs faster with a cooler processor.
  7. Keep an eye on Activity Monitor – Activity Monitor comes with OS X and tracks your memory usage, RAM requirements, and CPU usage. By keeping an eye on this you can identify what may be dominating your processor’s attention.
  8. Clean out your hard drive – Over time your hard drive is bound to fill up. Downloading videos, images, spreadsheets, MP3s, and documents eats up hard drive space, obviously. Macs that don’t have at least 10% available hard drive space will run poorly. If you don’t know how to go about making room on your hard drive, try using duplicate file finder software like Tidy Up!. It will identify duplicate files and restore your Mac’s performance.

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